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Tom's Story

Tom Bowdidge Foundation

Tom was diagnosed with a Desmoplastic Small Round Cell Tumour with extensive peritoneal disease in September 2012. He was just 18 years old and about to start university. His cancer was a very rare and aggressive type of sarcoma with only 200 cases reported in the world. No-one had lived beyond 5 years and Tom’s prognosis was bleak with expectations that Tom would not live past Christmas 2012.

Tom was rushed to a specialist teenage cancer ward based at university College Hospital in London and started an extremely aggressive course of chemotherapy which would last 6 months. He immediately wanted to take control of the situation and instead of watching his hair fall out, he chose to have it shaved off. However, he wanted to do some good and ask people to sponsor him. This promoted a phenomenal response and led to a total of £170,000 being raised for the Teenage Cancer Trust.

Amazingly, Tom’s cancer reacted well to the chemo and suddenly an operation became possible in Italy. Everything was booked but sadly before Tom could get there the tumours took hold again and spread. This spread was much worse than before and started to attack his liver . Within weeks Tom became very ill and despite the tremendous efforts of all his team the tumours began to squash his bowel. This caused an obstruction and Tom’s body was unable to absorb any nutrition. During Tom’s last few days he was determined his fundraising would continue; he had inspired so many people and changed so many lives by his attitude to what had been thrown at him and through the amazing amount he raised.

On Friday 18th October 2013, Tom fell asleep, at last free from pain. Shortly before his last breath he told his Mum she must 'crack on' without him. So that is exactly what Richard and Nikki have done by setting up The Tom Bowdidge Foundation. They knew exactly what Tom’s wishes were and have followed them in the best way possible.

Read more about Tom Bowdidge Foundation

Tom Bowdidge

Tom Bowdidge

Tom wanted to raise as much money to fund further research so
that one day there would be a cure for this wicked and evil disease.

The Team

Our small team of (very un)professional bike riders will strive to ride 15,000 miles to raise £15,000 during 2015.

15,000 miles is the equivalent of cycling from London to Rio de Janeiro (via Tokyo!!) – so we'll be 'taking in' both of the next 2 Olympic host cities!

Matt (Benno 2)

Role within the team: Team Captain
Favourite cyclist: Cav, Wiggo & Dowsett

Leading the way in bike crashes (x 3). Still mentally scarred from riding the mountains in Majorca and Val D'isere. Tom's mum taught Matt’s children at the local primary school so he is determined to reach the team targets.


Role within the team: Lead-out man and vice-Captain
Favourite cyclist: Cav (similar speed) and Greipel (similar physique)

The Team’s ‘Inspector Gadget’. Mr GPS - often in charge of route planning. The brains behind the Majorca trip. Considering moving to cycling full-time. At the moment, he’s only 90% cyclist / 10% work. Loves to ATTACK the mountains too


Role within the team: Domestique - non-drinking (in the peloton and in the pub)
Favourite cyclist: Rob Hayles, Contador & Voekler

He really needs to learn to drink whilst riding. #dehydrated. The Team Mechanic due to his technical and practical maintenance skills. Much improved in 2015.

Man of Steel

Role within the team: Sprinting for signs (usually on his own)
Favourite cyclist: Man of Steel

The MOS has now won the 'Rider of the Day' Award for the 133rd consequential week. An incredible achievement. This is a competition voted for (only) by.........the MOS.

Tree Pete

Role within the team: Sprinter, Climber, Domestique – whatever he fancies on the day really
Favourite cyclist: Froome, Swift

Tree Pete is a new member in 2015. Often rides at 50% capacity, so as not to embarrass the rest of us.


Role within the team: Domestique (but not at home)
Favourite cyclist: Wiggo

Always at the back but never OFF the back of the peloton. Thighs like tree trunks. Still dabbles with the dark side (MTB) at lunch-times. See’s the Flamme Rouge and he’s off…… because he knows it’s nearly ‘cake time’.


Role within the team: Sprints (but only in the first 10 miles and only short ones)
Favourite cyclist: Kittel & Sagan

He is named after his wife's love and obsession for buying new shoes. Ironic really, because he only recently got his 1st proper pair of cycling shoes. He loves to sprint and often empties his tank inside the first 10 miles. #gruppetto

Train Mark

Role within the team: Hills / Mountains - fast
Favourite cyclist: Obree (typically obscure)

We've made it clear to him that his MTB (dark side) and spin classes (just wrong) do not count towards this challenge. Has no concept of the aerodynamics of a peloton. Has sore neck because he’s unable to look behind whilst riding.


Role within the team: Domestique, Hills
Favourite cyclist: G

AKA the Goat; he loves those mountains. A new member. Only been riding since November 2014. He mentions this to EVERYONE. Now cycles more miles than anyone. Crashed twice in Majorca in April.

The Kat

Role within the team: Mascot & aspiring cycling
Favourite cyclist: Wiggo, Cav & her dad!

She is eager to join us. Just waiting for her to grow big enough for a road bike. She’s probably better than us going up the hills already.

Steve (McQueen)

Role within the team: Domestique
Favourite cyclist: Tree Pete

Steve McLean is our newest member. Solid work-horse driving the peloton. Unusual liking for rubber gloves may hold a hidden fascination for latex.


The organisations below have all kindly donated to our cause.
If you are also able to donate, we would be extremely grateful.



Our planned cycling events

Event Date Distance Location URL
Ordnance Survey Nut Cracker Jan 10th 53 Newmarket View website
Veloschils Interbike Gran Sportivo Jan 18th 46 Colchester View website
Ordnance Survey Equalizer Feb 8th 60 Colchester View website
Amis Velo Valentine Sportive Feb 14th 60 Boxted View website
VCR Sportive Feb 22nd 50 North Essex & South Suffolk View website
Wormingford Wyrm March 28th 65 Wormingford View website
The Boxford Tornado 2015 April 12th 60 Boxford View website
Wiggle Spring Saddle April 19th   Newmarket View website
Majorca Spring Training April 19th - 24th 400 Majorca, Spain
Mersea 100k May 10th 100 Colchester View website
Tour De Tendring May 17th 60 Dovercourt View website
Essex Explorer May 31st 108 Essex View website
Flatout in the Fens June 28th 112 Peterborough View website
Cycling Weekly Suffolk Spinner July 19th   Otley, Suffolk View website
Essex Castle July 25th 75 Colchester View website
Prudential Ride London-Surrey 100 August 2nd 100 London-Surrey View website
Suffolk Coast Bike Ride August 3rd 100 Glemham Hall View website
Wiggle The Only Way Sportive August 16th 102 Colchester, Essex View website
Weekly Team 1515 Ride Every Saturday or Sunday 40 to 100 Essex and Suffolk View blog

How we are doing?

The distance we plan to cycle is 15,000 miles.

This is the equivalent of cycling from London to Tokyo to Rio de Janeiro

So far we have completed: 17,501 Miles (31/12/2015)

Colchester to Rio de Janeiro

Latest News

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The Tom Bowdidge Foundation is a charity registered in England and Wales (1156553).


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